The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office has a volunteer division titled “Sheriffs Volunteers in Policing” which is managed by the Office of Emergency Services. We’ve provided a variety of services for the SVIP’s over the years including their own web site, video, facebook fan page, and brochures.

There’s not much we wouldn’t do for these folks. They provide valuable back-office assistance at their county Sheriffs Office in addition to a volunteer Patrol Division. This patrol division is a sister organization to the counties many search and rescue divisions and mounted patrol. What makes this team unique is that they are a non-enforcement team comprised of community members. They monitor the schools, patrol neighborhoods, and even many of the coastal roads throughout the county.

We actually provide services to the SVIP’s gratis. They are an amazing team and a great community resource for which we are honored to make a contribution.


Project Details

Date:May 2011
Client:San Mateo County - SVIP's.