Pete’s Body Shop came to us as a referral from another client of ours. The owner, Pete Hudson and business partner Dustin, were looking to us for some simple SEO work. Basically, the original scope was to prepare the foundation of his site to be better recognized by search engines. Additionally, they wanted to make sure their business was visible on a number of local business directories. That project morphed into a site rebuild, change of hosting companies, lead capture integration, and a simple promotional video.

To control costs we used a terrific fitness based theme that provided the foundation to the project. We used a mix of photo’s taken from his studio with a handful of stock images to round out the experience. Originally this site was to be temporary as the long term goal was to have a developer integrate the site with his lead capture and studio management system.

But as with many things, the development overhead was high as was the long term cost of ownership. We were fortunate to find a suite of tools which provided the integration needed to bridge the studio management system with their new site. Needless to say, they now have a long term cost-effective solution that was executed in record time.

Video Example

Project Details

Date:January 2013 - Current
Client:Petes Body Shop - Birminham, MI