US Marlenka Cakes

Anyone in the mood for a most incredible all natural honey cake? Well, we think it’s safe to say that the folks at have you covered! The site, was a priority project brought to us by our friends at VRG Group, Inc. and 9 Design.

Fortunately, our customers here knew exactly what they wanted and had critical design resources of their own to make this time sensitive project a reality. They made it even easier for us by selecting a template that was perfect for their needs. Our role was simple, just put together all the pieces. More specifically:

  • Associate their domain name with their new server
  • Install the CMS software used to manage the content
  • Install the template and prepare the basic framework for their pages, navigation, etc.
  • Tweak a few design and CSS elements to make it all come together.

The site itself came online about a day after they requested our assistance. From there they did their magic and handed the ball back to us. And all this took about a week. This was a terrific project, and even more so because of the quality of the team we were working with.

Time to eat some cake!

Project Details

Date:August 2013 - Current
Client:VRG Group, Inc