If Electronic Arts has anything, it’s an abundance of talented people, including their development and web teams. But alas, there were great opportunities within their Public Relations department that provided different challenges. Specifically, how to leverage the internet and email systems to provide a rather unique CRM type solution that keep the  press engaged, managed asset distribution, and event registration. We built what could best be described as a newsletter system combined with a CRM and Event Registration & Interview Scheduling system. Add to that, the development of a system that could distribute pre-release game download codes to press for game review. They are indeed an innovative team.

We were also able to contribute our time and resources to Public Relations and Investor Relations as it relates to the standardization of their own individual sites. The goal was to provide a design format that was consistent with their brand ideology. They have since “re-standardized”, but we are still honored to have had the opportunity to work such talented and creative people. Go EA!

Project Details

Date:May 2008
Client:Electronic Arts
Project URL:www.ea.com