9Design, a talented design team and owner of several web properties, was introduced to us by another Artisans Media Group client. Our new relationship started out with a panicked call from their President prompted by a recent site breach, virus seeding, and a subsequent virus alert disclaimers showing up in all their Google search listings. Apparently this had happened before at which point a team was brought in eradicate the problem and rebuild their site as necessary. Unfortunately the fix made by the previous party didn’t work.

We were able to find and eradicate the suspect code pretty much immediately. We were also fortunate that Google was prompt in their reconsideration of the site and lifting the virus warnings from the sites search listings. We even wrote a small piece of code to monitor key files on their site to alert us if there were any changes or attempted breaches.

This little exercise matured into a longer term relationship where we were brought in to rebuild one of their websites, migration of several of their sites to a new host, and consultation on a variety of other web projects. And is often common, we were introduced to several new prospects and new clients as a result of their advocating for our company.

Project Details

Date:December 2011
Client:9 Design
Project URL:various