1st National Payment Solutions has been one of our charter clients since 2008. We were originally introduced through a mutual friend regarding an SEO project. Since then, we’ve build numerous sites for them, banner ads, magazine print ads, video production, development of their affiliate and lead generation system, and ultimately too many projects to list.

Just take a look at their site and you’ll get a pretty good idea what we can do. For example, the current site was an expedited project which required a re-write of almost all the pages, reconfiguration of products, site design, principle graphics, and branded videos. The best part is that we did all of this in about six weeks which was one of our most aggressive schedules.

Mike and Steve have been terrific and we very much enjoy working with them today and watching them grow. And by the way, if you need to accept credit cards, don’t miss an opportunity to speak with them. They are a terrific example of small businesses doing big things.

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Project Details

Date:May 2008
Client:1st National Payment Solutions
Project URL:www.1nps.com