WordPress Guru

WordPress has been a terrific solution for many of our customers. In fact, most of our small business solutions are WordPress installations based on ready made templates.  This controls costs and as you know, makes turn around time a snap. Heck, we even based our site around a standard template as to demonstrate to clients what can be done in just a couple of days.

So what we are looking for are people who are well seasoned with WordPress to use as a resource when things get nutty around here. You must be familiar with popular plugins for social, cdn, seo needs, etc. In a perfect world, you are a WordPress developer who can design awesome templates from scratch, and provide custom solutions as needed.

Location: Southern Oregon
Responsibilities: Create WordPress sites and install commonly used plugins for social needs, seo, caching, etc.
Essentials Skills:
  • Theme Installation
  • Plugins
  • Customize site for customer
Desirable Skills:
  • Theme creation
  • Plugin creation
  • Robust PHP & MySQL skills.