Logo Illustrators

Logo design is just one of those things where no one provider can make everyone happy. As with most things artistic, logo’s are an artistic expression of ones company and brand identity.

We are looking for some contracting partners who are talented logo designers and illustrators. More specifically, we are looking for local designers, preferably in Southern Oregon. Your tools of choice should be vector based as all logos we provide should be print friendly. So please have experience and depth in the presentation of logos in different types of media. From print, web, dark and light backgrounds, etc.

If you are interested, the best thing to do is to give us a call at which point we can discuss further. But in the end, what we’d like is a PDF of your portfolio that we can present to our clients, along with examples from other designers.

Location: Southern Oregon
Responsibilities: Logo design using standard vector based tools such as Illustrator.
Essentials Skills:
  • Create vector based logo illustrations
  • Must be able to create flexible logos to be used in print, web, video
  • Must have great customer service skills.
Desirable Skills:
  • Must have competitively priced services.
  • Oregon based artists preferred.
  • Extra points if you have established print publishing skills