Artisans Media Group, LLC. was founded in May of 2008 by a family of geeks. Originally our focus was designing and building press monitoring and event scheduling solutions for Public Relations teams, but it didn’t take long before all that changed.

By the time we set out to leave our full time jobs, we had line of clients with enough work to keep us booked for months. But over the years it became clear that what we really enjoyed was helping small businesses establish a responsible marketing footprint. Well, more specifically, we liked to tinker and solve new problems that were of benefit to small businesses like ours.

But alas, building custom websites, designing marketing materials, writing press releases and shooting web videos isn’t cheap. So we refined our skills and simplified processes until we had a mix of solutions that were designed as high impact while still being affordable to small business owners. Unfortunately, the San Francisco Bay area was great when seeking larger business partners, but challenging when it came to marketing to smaller businesses.

So in September of 2011 we made yet another change. We relocated our business and  family to Southern Oregon. Now we are right where we want to be; in Paradise and amidst a mass of small businesses, many of which are family business just like ours. And it’s here where we think we can provide the most value. As it turns out, it’s also the most rewarding for us.


Big companies have their share of marketing, public relations, and advertising resources. We try to scale all this down to provide a responsible and affordable foundation for small businesses.

Our crazy skills


Our Backgrounds

There are three generations of our family that contribute to AMG and it's valued customers. We have over 25 years of combined management experience and disciplines born from IT management, and years of experience in Television, Publishing, and Public Relations. In the end though, we are geeks through and through, and love to use technology to solve problems.